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Raras London is a committed company specifically set up for our more discerning customers who want the best but at the right price. Our site makes your selection easier to choose from our variety of products. As we are one of the more prestigious online shopping company’s in London, we specialize in selling handmade Silk Woven Ties which also uses high quality wool interlining to give weight and finish. Our handmade silk ties are woven and expertly tailored by our dedicated team of craftsmen who have years of experience in this field. Our tie designs are exclusive and also provide quality and style. In addition to silk ties we can provide matching Cufflinks and Handkerchiefs which comes complete in a stylish gift box.

We have our own dedicated manufacturer’s, who along with us enforce and promote strict quality control and adopt special in house measures to ensure our excellent products reach your doorstep as per your requirement. Your satisfaction is our pride which encourages us to even try to obtain higher standards, if possible to do so.

Your purchase with raraslondon.com is completely safe and risk free.  Security is always a concern with contomers and that is why we have security protocols(SSL) at the highest level and your dats is only used for the handlling of your order

We wish you happy shopping and many thanks in advance.

Director of Marketing